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How to reach player?
PM: (which DW account?) [personal profile] traken_master
AIM: psifi815
email: Pm me and I'll give it to you.

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: (replying to older posts) Yes, please!
Threadhopping with this character: (joining an on-going thread) Yes, please!
Fourthwalling: (referencing the existence of players/game/fictional universe)Yes
Canon puncture: (directly pointing out to a character that they're fictional)Yes
Offensive subjects: Nope, nothing. He's a villain and thousands of years old. He can take it. In fact, he's quite likely to offend at some point. XD

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: pansexual
Hugging this character: Well, it's okay with me. He might be a bit or a lot snappish about it, depending on your character's relationship with him.
Flirting with this character: Please do.
Giving this character a kiss: Yes, though you might make sure he wants to be kissed first. He is both proud and homicidal.
Something more intimate: Yes, if their relationship warrants it.
Relationships: I'm very open to the possibility, but it would take a lot of good plotting. The Master is generally opposed to sentimentality.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: This would take some serious negotiation. I have a hard time seeing someone try this on the Master, but if you have a really good, thought out plot in mind, I'll consider it.
Fighting with this character: This is almost inevitable.
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are fine. Major ones we can discuss. The Master is stronger and more resilient than a human. Time Lords are not easy to do extensive damage to and he'll be trying to kill you, too. (He won't, of course, without your approval.)
Killing this character: No, please.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: This is unlikely, but possible, if your character is strong enough. The Master is a talented telepath, with a highly developed mind. He is also a powerful hypnotist. Trying to enter his mind, could very well give him access to yours. However, I'm open to suggestions and am willing to negotiate the matter.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Psi Fi
Age: 40
Pronouns: female
Contact: psifi815
Experience: I already have a character in this game, yes. :D
Currently played characters: In this game, I currently play Bruce Banner.

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] traken_master
Name: The Master
Alias: the Portreeve, Kalid, Magister, Tremas, anagrams of Master/The Master
Age/Birthdate: He's around eight thousand years old. Birthdate is unknown.
Species: Time Lord/Gallifreyan
Canon: Doctor Who
Canon point: Taken from after the episode Survival.
Played By: Anthony Ainley


The Master is a genius and a time traveler. He spent over a hundred years in school on Gallifrey, so is very well trained, especially in the sciences. His expertise includes, but is not limited to, mechanical and electrical engineering, cosmology, astronomy, physics, all of the higher mathematics, history, some medicine, especially herbology, geology, and languages.

The Master is an expert at designing and building weapons. He invented his personal weapon of choice, the tissue compression eliminator, or TCE, which shrinks his enemies to the size of dolls. He is also an expert with a sword and more traditional firing weapons, such as pistols and rifles. He also is familiar with some fighting styles, including fencing and jousting. He is physically very strong.

Most of the Master's real strength, though, lies in his mind. His mental abilities do not end with his education. The Master is a strong telepath and hypnotist. He can, for most people, hypnotize someone simply by speaking to them. He can also, by touching a person, look into their memories or show them something inside his own mind.

The Master is very clever and talented at strategy, coming up with complex plots and often manipulating others to do his dirty work for him. In order to gain trust or hide his true purpose, the Master often hides behind various disguises, though his aliases are usually either an anagram of or word that translates to master.

The Master has most of the physical abilities of a Time Lord. He can see the timelines of people and events around him. He has two hearts, a respiratory bypass system, and vast healing abilities. His senses are all very acute, far more so than a human's. However, the Master has used up all his regenerations. Although, he was able to steal and convert Tremas's body to that of a Time Lord, the Master is on his last life, unless he gets the power to steal another body.

Right before coming through the Rift, the Master had been infected with the Cheetah virus, giving him many of the characteristics of a large cat. However, coming through the Rift reset his body to being purely Time Lord.

The Master, normally, is a man of medium height, with bright blue eyes and a goatee and mustache. He has very dark brown/black hair. His normal outfit consists of highly polished shoes or boots, black slacks, and a black velvet overcoat, with a high collar embroidered in silver or gold thread.

The Master is very careful of his appearance, with an almost cat-like fastidiousness, though that can disappear, if he is in disguise or their is work to be done. One quirk is that the Master almost always wears a pair of black gloves. His carriage is usually very erect, that of a very proud man.

The Master has the appearance of a middle-aged man, mature, but still healthy. His build is that of someone capable of being athletic, if he chooses. His body appears healthy and well-kept.

Like all good characters, villain or otherwise, the Master is a complex person with many layers to his personality. In his role as villain, the Master reveals a very callous nature, often either indifferent to or openly amused by the suffering of-being of those around him. Anyone standing in his way has, in his eyes, chosen to become a target. The Master is mostly amoral, believing more in cause and effect, than right and wrong. To him, right and wrong are subjective labels that people use to judge each other, based on their own biases.

The Master's main goal is to conquer the universe or, at least, as much of it as possible. The Master's stated philosophy is that a person must either rule or be ruled. He can be cold-blooded, killing without remorse. The Master believes that his goals are more important than the well-being of any individual. He has a very low opinion of the universe and it's current state. In the Doctor Who novel, The Dark Path, this opinion comes from being betrayed by his friend and protege, Ailla. He would like the Doctor to rule with him and will occasionally create schemes designed to coerce the Doctor into working with him. In the Master's view, morals are merely a hindrance, stifling effective behavior.

The Master's lack of morals is, however, not a lack of standards. The Master, except in extreme circumstances, is polite and well-spoken. He is the type of villain who will hold a door for a lady, while on his way to kill someone. His behavior is only rarely coarse or crude. Ruth Ingram, a character in the serial The Time Monster, stated that his good manners were part of his arrogance...that he was so assured of his superiority that he didn't need to be rude. The Master is definitely arrogant, taking pride in both his abilities and his willpower. Nevertheless, the Master is well versed in the social graces and can be quite likable. He possesses a great deal of charisma.

The tragedy of the Master is that he's a character who possesses a vast potential for good, if it weren't for his corrupt philosophies and goals. The Master also suffers from mental instability. He has been tormented by drums, pounding in his mind, since he was eight years old. By the time he steals Tremas's body, his mental condition has deteriorated a great deal. This is sad, since parts of his canon, Yana especially, reveal that the Master is capable of being greatly and genuinely kind, when he is in his right mind. There is part of the Master that yearns for a life of more than just the hunt for power. Part of this is a yearning to be reunited with his estranged friend, the Doctor, who is usually burdened with stopping the Master's schemes.

The Master's interactions with the Doctor reveal that, good manners and villainy both aside, the Master has a very playful personality. He enjoys dressing up in disguises, doing so even when it is not necessary. The Master's traps for the Doctor are so overly complicated that they seem more designed to challenge the Doctor, than to harm him. The Master certainly takes a delight in his rivalry with the Doctor, praising him as an intellectual near-equal. Even the Doctor admits that killing him isn't the Master's first priority. He derides the Master's threat to kill him in the Death Zone, saying, "And not humiliate me first? Oh, that isn't your style at all." Despite his lack of morals, the Master does have a personal set of rules that he strays from only reluctantly.

The Master, as a villain, is also amazingly self-aware. He knows his philosophies are out of step with most of the universe. He freely admits to being what others consider evil, though he rejects that label himself, due to the imprecise nature of the term. The Master sees himself as intelligent, strong-willed, and focused. He doesn't see himself as unnecessarily cruel or murderous, but as efficient and capable, willing and able to do what it takes to accomplish his goals.

Mostly, the Master is a creature of extremes. He both loves and hates very intensely, sometimes feeling both for the same person. He is very energetic and driven. Unfortunately, his emotions are often expressed with acts of villainy or violence. He displays symptoms of both megalomania and narcissism. Nevertheless, he is far from a cartoon villain and can be calm, even kind, when it suits him. Far more than a simple psychopath, the Master can be frightening, funny, sincere, and/or deceptive, at any given moment.

Much of the Master's history is vague. We are given only glimpses of his history, such as his childhood and family. We do know that, at the age of eight, he looked into a rip in time and space, called the Untempered Schism, as part of a ritual, when starting his schooling. The experience left the Master with an auditory hallucination of drums beating constantly in his mind. The drums may be the reason the Master went insane.

The Master eventually became a renegade from Gallifrey, traveling in his own TARDIS. However, the Central Intelligence Agency sent a spy, Ailla, to report on the Master's mental stability. Ailla ends up being shot and the Master mourns her, going to great lengths to bring her back. However, when she regenerates, the Master becomes even more insane, dedicating himself to conquering a universe he feels is unworthy and corrupt.

The Master stole his current body from a Trakenite named Tremas. Having used up his regenerations, the Master was in a severe state of decay. Using a power called the Source, the Master took over Tremas' body, converting it to a Time Lord and somewhat younger form.

Writing Sample:

rp sample

Anything else?

There is a great deal of debate in the Doctor Who fandom over the sexuality of Time Lords and whether they are even capable of reproducing sexually. My Master is pansexual--if they are willing, of age, and attractive to him, he'll have sex with them. He is capable of fathering children. My personal belief is that the Master is in love with the Doctor, but I am willing to play him in other relationships, too, even permanent ones.


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This post is for any constructive criticism that people would like to offer for my role playing of the Master.


Jan. 6th, 2012 06:34 pm
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I am a Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey. Soon, I will rule you all. You cannot hope to defeat me, a genius who is thousands of years older and wiser than most of you.

I am the Master.

You will obey me.


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